Babysitter Strap-On Fucks Adult Baby

When naughty young minx Zsuzsanna gets employed to take care of adult baby Istvan, all hell breaks loose! She totally takes advantage of her position, cradling the adult baby in her lap and then rolling him over onto his side on the sofa. She spreads his butt cheeks with an enormous strap-on, easing the polished cock head into the adult baby's ass hole! He squeals and whimpers, sucking on his pacifier, but she relentlessly pushes the strap-on further and further into his anus. What was previously tight becomes loose and sloppy as he learns to enjoy his first anal strap-on experience. This is some outstanding adult baby strap-on porn!
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There's something so sexy about having a big tit MILF looking after you all day and night. Her warm hands caressing you, clutching you close to her breasts and feeding you warm milk to calm your nerves before changing your diaper and taking the time to help you relax even more as her hard vibrating strap-on dildo penetrates your tight lubed asshole! Diaper Loving Mommies know how to make any afternoon play-date a special sexual celebration that takes your twisted fantasy sessions to a whole new level with every shake of your rattle and stiff plunging sex toy that finds its way deep inside your puckered anus! These are the MILFs you have been dreaming about!

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